Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A school library blog (ETL 501)

I think a school library blog, easily accessed from your school's website page is a wonderful idea because:

  • it promotes the pivotal and essential role of the school library. 
  • educates the whole school community about the function and role of the school library beyond 'borrowing books'. 
  • provides an easy way for library communication to be delivered to students, staff and parents. 

One of the challenges that I think could be faced:

  • time to maintain the blog. 
  • a blog like this would only be useful if it was actively used on a weekly / daily basis, to ensure that staff, students and parents see it as a useful source of information, continually updated and relevant to the school community.

Looking through a number of websites of school's from my teaching district back home, I was surprised to note that on many of the school websites, the library is rarely mentioned. There seems to be no active promotion of the role of the library within the school. I think this emphasises a few things:

  • lack of recognition from school executive as to the role and function of the school library beyond it's 'convenience' for supplying RFF. 
  • the need for qualified school librarians in school libraries (I know that there is a high percentage of non-qualified librarians working in my teaching district school libraries). 
  • the need for the teacher librarian to actively promote the role and function of the school library through links from the school's webpage to a school library blog. 

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